Established in 2006, MJ West is a full service management and legal services company providing its clients with first class management and paralegal services, along with administrative services outside of the legal field. With a primary focus in the entertainment industry, a variety of music and film services are offered to its clients, including but not limited to submission to performance rights organizations, contract preparation and review, music clearance, copyright application preparation and filing, press kits and bio creation, and trademarks, to name a few. 

MJ West works with clients from all different industries in many different avenues outside of the entertainment industry as well. Services offered can include creating resumes and cover letters, copywriting content for websites, advertisements, press releases, writing bios, mission statements, and company statements and goals, assisting in business entity creation and filing, immigration status adjustments, and more.

With a background in the legal industry and extensive education and work in the area, MJ West can help you get the professional look you need to impress and stand out amongst executives, both inside the entertainment industry and out, and gain the recognition you deserve.