1. V.I.P.

Mixing pop & hip hop elements, Saiah’s single VIP brings high energy and fun to focus and determination. With hard hitting bass, rhythmic melodies, and a catchy chorus line, this track attacks the senses and makes you want to get up and go. Whether to the gym to get that workout in, to the drawing board to follow that dream, or even to the kitchen to get a snack, VIP focuses on the determination to succeed at what one wants regardless of what society says can or can’t be done and the drive it takes to stay the course despite obstacles.


Pre chorus
Hey I'm vip
Same thing in the north
West south or east
You ain't gotta look dress or be like me
Just do you
You'll be the vip
Hey hey
I'm vip
When I step in the room
I'm vip
When I make my moves
I'm vip
Everybody wanna be a vip
Hey hey
I'm vip (repeat 4 bars)
Verse 1
I work hard for the money
To the nth degree
With a degree
But greed's no friend to me
Manning up
Super mvp
Pay the cost
Be the boss
Not the employee
Skipping a beat
When it's hard to keep
My eyes on the prize
I can nod and wink
If I move too fast
Try not to blink
And if I let up off the gas
Try not to sleep
Watch how I pick up speed
Go run until I reach my peak
And I learned when you do and don't need to speak
Let my actions translate
Keep the speech
Verse 2
Bad to the bone
Walk a mile in my shoes
Got too much soul
Folks slow up a little
When they're close to goals
I dont want to slip
So I go for broke
Pardon me
While I break it down
Sinful flow with a sacred sound
What's up now
No time for the playing around
Bound to get wound up
And make you bounce
Go (delay)
One more round
Third and eleven
Got one more down
Heard what I said
Gotta show them now
My speed
Keanu Reaves
Can't slow it down
Verse 3
I'm feeling good
No drama
I wish they would
Told doubters
I think I could
They dont know about us
But I think they should
Dont mind the 9 to 5 rules
They sell a dream
It's time to buy you
Never believed a lie beside truth
Cause when I see the signs
I drive through
Pick up speed
To eight knots
Play them beats
That make the bass knock
Girl of my dreams
Can wake up the spot
Wait till I meet her face to face