1. MURDER?

The second single off Saiah’s upcoming release, WORK IN PROGRESS, Murder? brings pure hip hop back to the forefront of the music world. With a powerful beat driving staggering, conscious lyrics, Murder? takes a look at the issues that plaque societies all around the world. From racism to politics to money and greed, this track is sure to make you take a look around you and get involved to fight injustices wherever you see them.


Crime is the problem
So is lack of options
Cops want to lock them up
People want to stop them
War is a constant
On with the nonsense
Old men send the young
Strong enough to bomb them
War (repeat)
All I keep seeing is
War (repeat)
No peace
Here we got
War (repeat)
Murder (pronounced murdah)
Got them screaming murder
Verse 1
Cops on the pa-trol
Watch how it unfolds
Dope boys working
The block in a choke hold
Land of the free
So glad we can be though
Police on the streets
Dont see you as their equals
Drugs in the open
Crush all your hopes and
Couple crooked cops
Teaming up with the dopemen
When enough is enough
They're putting more in
More fiends for morphine
Keep scoring
More dreams become sleeping
For more men
And then nobody got a reason
No sense
Dope boys and and the boys in blue mix
So now its all a mirage and the truth is
Pre chorus
Verse 2
Politics keep the world spinning in sickness
Vote for the richest
In a democratic system
They can't relate
But they fake at debates
Add a catch phrase
And we all take the bait
End one war
Start up another
Tricked into thinking
They are not our brothers
Sisters and mothers
Fathers and loved ones
Never seen a bomb bring peace
So who won?
They're the bad guys
So are we
Sit by
Saying nothing
Till its R.I.P.
More casualties
More massive greed
More so called facts
That you have to believe
Pre chorus
Verse 3
Bombs and bullets
.coms and business
Wipe out anybody that resisted
Right now or back then
No difference
The recipe is the same
The chef just switched
I ain't mad at them
But I ain't glad either
The 99% shouldn't believe you
They distract us
Split us up
Have us
Fighting over things that dont really even matter
Racism and politics
A lot of it
Only gets mentioned to keep us squabbling
While in a secret room
The real reason
Keeps the machine go-ing
Cha ching
They win
Pre chorus