From the recording LOOK IN MY EYES


Take a look in my eyes
Now when you look into my eyes, see the fire inside.
You can ride beside me or get behind.
Take a trip on the wilder side.
Soon as you get there we can vibe.
I’m looking for a way to get it live.
Take a look in my eyes.
Looking at time, it don’t stop for a minute.
Life goes on only long as you’re living.
We keep riding clean through the night.
Gotta prove them wrong I belong at the finish.
(Take a look in my eyes)
Verse I
And climb through the window of the soul.
The rhyme is innuendo, the picture minus the focus.
Hocus Pocus and then he vanished again.
They damaged his plans but he still managed to win.
20 years on the run, from death huffing and puffing.
Nothing’s ever enough till I get what I got coming.
They’re living to stack hundreds.
I’m here to give back something.
But still I got to take care of bills when cash comes in.
Wake up, shake things up for the opposition.
1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and honorable mention when I’m spitting.
A kamikaze without all the killing.
That means I’m the bomb and still living.
(repeat 2x)
Verse II
Saiah’s got a plan to advance.
No man can make this shooting star crash land.
Supposed to transcend with a pen in my hand.
Watching folks cash in for a ticket to the dance.
Reach my hand.
If I lose my grip and slip again…
I wonder how many would show some pity for a friend.
Or how many would leave?
I’m rolling up my sleeves.
No time for tricks.
I play it straight while they scheme.
Trying to take my dream like kidnapping Hakeem…
Olojuwon, what I want ain’t a fantasy thing.
They say the love of money is the root of all evil.
And I ain’t being greedy but I need some, so I’m working to see funds.
You’ve got to be one to go teach one.
Or they’re gon’ see right through you like Seagrams.
Gin again played my cards right for the win.
Now tell me what’s real if your life is pretend?
Saiah for president, already running like them still.
‘Cause I’m running for change and I’m running for dollar bills.
(Yes We Can)
(repeat 2x)
Verse III
There’s people that do the talking, and folks that do the walking.
And out of them some of them limp, some of them march in.
A big pond some of them shrimp, some of them dolphins…
That only know the cost of their soul after they pawned it.
Dreams I’ve got with roll called for all the artists.
Where I can go collect an award for all my song hits.
A lot of them will never get more than just my mom’s hip hop good opinion.
For sure, I think about the ifs, ands, and the maybes before I pencil down script.
I ain’t doing this for my health, that’s why it sounds sick.
So now I’m down six million minutes.
Odds get even better with every clock tick. It’s obvious.