Crazy remix
You drive me crazy… (crazy)
You drive me crazy… (crazy)
Repeat 2x
I would say what I feel but I still don’t know.
Can’t stay here but I just can’t go.
It ain’t that simple it should be though.
It’s us till we get to the end of the road.
Verse I
Never thought I would fall so hard when I first did slip.
Take another sip and then you get addicted quick.
Tell you that I’m leaving.
You make me sick.
But I’ve got the fever.
Now I can’t resist.
It can’t be this way all the time.
I take the good with the bad mixing up your mind.
Whenever this goodbye is a ‘hi’ disguised then there’s a truth in the lies you find.
When I’m with you then I’ve got the vibe.
Feeling it so strong.
Sunshine takes a day off when she’s gone.
Heart and my mind ain’t getting along.
It’s so right but it feels so wrong.
Verse II
Tried to play Cool like J but I’m ‘In Too Deep’.
You’ve got flavor baby but it’s just to sweet.
You’re my Friday at the end of the week...
The highway to keep me out of the streets…
Ain’t the type to have beef but I make sure you always eat.
My mama raised me up properly.
One of these days you’re about to see. I ain’t gon’ lie. I’m a work in progress trying to get by with my 9-5.
Give me some time and the drive…
That I’ve got inside lifts us both high.
It ain’t no break if it ain’t no fake in it.
Can’t do it Big if it ain’t no Faith in it.
“To fast?”
Just say wait a minute.
Fine wine will take time when you’re making it.
Tried to Google but it’s hard to find.
‘Cause when I saw you I lost my mind.
Verse III
We could just be chilling.
I’m feeling the vibe for each minute.
I’m sitting up high but cloud 9 keeps dripping.
Got the plan of attack to keep winning.
Whenever I’ve got her beside me she’s grinning.
That’s just the beginning.
She fills in the blanks.
Down for me and that’s money in the bank.
Sometimes I can’t think.
She comes, gets me straight.
Walking the thin line between love and hate.
The thought of her still fine as the sight of her face…
They type I don’t want to replace.
‘Cause when you’ve got filet mignon that’s hard to switch from…
No pork chop. Give me that steak…
Repeat 2x
You drive me crazy. You’re driving me crazy.
(Crazy so crazy… Crazy so crazy