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MJ West currently represents an independent Hip Hop artist, SAIAH (pronounced Zay-uh). With a blend of creative wordplay, lyrical content and hip, original beats, Saiah brings a fresh sound to the Hip Hop genre. His smooth vocals and fusion of pop, hip hop and R&B with positive lyrics gives his music a flare that has music lovers from all genres gravitating to it, and it does not stop there. Event coordinators, promoters, DJ’s and other music professionals are attracted to the sound he brings. His musical talent exceeds the limits of just lyricist and extends into the art of producing, engineering, and entertaining live performances. This high energy, interactive stage presence and modern twist on Hip Hop, coupled with his producing and engineering skills, make Saiah a well-rounded, diverse artist, giving him an edge in today’s industry. His talent in the arts even transcends music and can be seen in television and film where he acts under his birth name ISAIAH SEWARD.  

Learn more about Saiah, his music, and the message he brings by visiting his website at His fourth album, WORK IN PROGRESS, is currently in post production and will be released later this summer.



                                                                                                                           (c) KSKVS Photography  

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