V.I.P Single
From the album WORK IN PROGRESS

Mixing pop & hip hop elements, Saiah’s single VIP brings high energy and fun to focus and determination. With hard hitting bass, rhythmic melodies, and a catchy chorus line, this track attacks the senses and makes you want to get up and go. Whether to the gym to get that workout in, to the drawing board to follow that dream, or even to the kitchen to get a snack, VIP focuses on the determination to succeed at what one wants regardless of what society says can or can’t be done and the drive it takes to stay the course despite obstacles. Check out the music video at https://youtu.be/067RsgkaNv0.  

MURDER? Single

The second single off Saiah’s upcoming release, WORK IN PROGRESS, Murder? brings pure hip hop back to the forefront of the music world. With a powerful beat driving staggering, conscious lyrics, Murder? takes a look at the issues that plaque societies all around the world. From racism to politics to money and greed, this track is sure to make you take a look around you and get involved to fight injustices wherever you see them. Check out the music video at https://youtu.be/BRJ9teUAgYA

From the album WORK IN PROGRESS

Turn Back is an edgy, upbeat track that combines elements of hip hop and rock to bring a positive, uplifting message of determination and grit. This track features positive lyrics about success, the pursuit of dreams, and the drive to keep going no matter what gets in the way. It is one of the singles off Saiah's upcoming release, WORK IN PROGRESS. Check out the music video at https://youtu.be/Ks4N51Yqs34

Full Length Album

An exciting blend of hip hop, pop & R&B, the third album from recording artist Saiah, HIDDEN TREASURE, has a fresh new sound for the eclectic listener’s ears. Saiah’s smooth vocals, lyrical flow, and rhythmic beats are sure to please fans of many different genres of music.

Full length Album

Staying true to form, Saiah's sophomore album, WHO?, fuses creative wordplay with lyrical content and innovative beats that make you want to get up and move. This unique blend of hip hop, pop and R&B while staying true to the foundation of Hip Hop music is an album with something for everybody in it.

Full Length Album

From inspirational to club hits, conscious and lyrical content, you can find it all on Saiah's debut album. This album is 14 tracks of fresh new music that will make your head nod. An exciting blend of old school style with a little new school flavor.

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